Manhattan Adult Learning Center Ranks #1 in 2009

05/25/2010 18:53
In 2006, 2007, and 2009 the USD 383 Adult Learning Center received a first place ranking from the Kansas Board of Regents' Indicators of a Quality Adult Education Program study. Thirty-three Adult Education Centers were involved in the studies. Additionally, the Adult Learning Center ranked the...


June 9, 2011 -- 44 graduates from the Manhattan Adult Learning Center received their high school diploma this calendar year, and the ALC celebrated with a traditional cap and gown graduation ceremony. Local dignitaries, school board members, former students, and family and friends all gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of these bright students. 

 Student Success Stories

  • Student "F" - A single mother of 2, was enrolled at the Adult Learning Center off and on over a period of 5 years. Despite multiple roadblocks, she never gave up and was cheered by all at graduation.
  • Student "N" – Received very high GED scores and is now attending K-State, majoring in pre-nursing.
  • Student "JH" - Participated in our English as a Second Language program for several years. After developing strong English skills, she transferred to our GED program, passing the GED test with flying colors after just 4 months of instruction.
  • Student "J" –Initially did not take the Adult Learning Center seriously and was just here to satisfy his probation requirement. With help and encouragement from Adult Learning Center staff, he became a star student and graduate. Now he refers other students here.
  • Student "B" – Bored with school so he dropped out to get GED. Test scores were so high, was recruited by Air Force & NASA.
  • Student "D" – Young son hospitalized in KC for cancer treatment. She studied in the hospital and came to school when she could.
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