Manhattan Adult Learning Center Ranks #1 in 2009

05/25/2010 18:53

In 2006, 2007, and 2009 the USD 383 Adult Learning Center received a first place ranking from the Kansas Board of Regents' Indicators of a Quality Adult Education Program study. Thirty-three Adult Education Centers were involved in the studies.

Additionally, the Adult Learning Center ranked the highest in the following categories:


  • Completion of an educational level (educational gain)
  • Completion of a level of "low-level" learners Percentage of GED completers
  • Providing technology instruction


The Adult Learning Center ranked second highest in the state in these categories:


  • Service to low level learners Number and percentage of outcomes and
  • Goals achieved per student Number of students who completed employment skills training and instruction.


GED Graduation Ceremony

06/10/2010 19:00
 7:00 P.M. Manhattan High School East Campus  Get your Kansas State High School Diploma by passing the GED Test, and you are eligible to participate in the Annual GED Graduation Ceremony. Traditional caps and gowns are provided, as well as refreshments. Invite all your friends and family...