Who Qualifies for

Adult Education Services?

According to the Kansas Board of Regents, one of the following three criteria must be met in order to qualify for Adult Education Services at the ALC or at Open Door:

1. Student does not have a high school diploma from an accredited secondary school in the United States, or has not successfully completed the GED.

2. Student meets the minimum/maximum score requirements on the TABE assessment.

3. Students must be at least 16 years old.

There are also classes outside of the AEFLA grant, such as diploma completion in Open Door, academic tutoring, and computer instruction.  Concurrent enrollment is available through a partnership with MATC for eligible students.  Barton CC also makes available college courses at no cost for qualifying students. Contact the College and Career Readiness Counselor for more information. 

Who qualifies for ESL?

There are two types of ESL programs offered at the ALC.  The first is the AEFLA grant subsidized instructional program for US citizens or students with Visa status.  The second is a recreational ESL class for students who do not qualify for the AEFLA grant funding, such as F-2, and M visas and visiting scholars/H-2 visas.   To qualify for TOEFL preparation courses or Citizenship classes, students must be proficient in English.